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Owner Surrender (noun):

"A voluntary act where a pet owner willingly relinquishes their pet to an animal shelter, rescue organization, or similar entity. This decision is typically driven by various personal circumstances or challenges, including financial hardship, health issues, changes in living situations, behavioral concerns, or other factors."

What is "Owner Surrender"?

At The Labelle Foundation, we understand that life can present unexpected challenges, and caring for your beloved dog may become increasingly difficult. While we would like to be here to offer support and guidance to help keep your animal in its fur-ever home, during these time of "rescue crisis" it has been increasingly difficult to offer this support. Every dog and situation is unique and we are happy to engage in our time, to evaluate if we can help.


Our Owner Surrender program is designed to provide a compassionate solution when you find yourself facing tough decisions about your dog's future. While we hope to work with you if circumstances permit, it's essential to note that submitting a request does not guarantee acceptance. Our commitment is to consider every case with care, always striving to find the best possible outcome for both your dog and you. We're here to listen, to understand, and to support you through this process.


Submitting the form on this page for dog surrender to The Labelle Foundation does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is subject to our evaluation and capacity. You certify that all provided information is accurate. False information may result in denial. We may contact you for more details. Please consider all options responsibly before surrendering your dog.


Additionally, by filling out this form, you willingly acknowledge these terms and must click the "I accept the terms for owner surrender request" as this is only a request, and it does not guarantee that we will accept the dog.

Owner Surrender Request Form:

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